Supervisory Board

Karin Dohm (Deputy Chairwoman)

Name: Karin Dohm 
Born: 1972
Place of residence: Kronberg im Taunus
Nationality: German

Appointed since: 2012

End of appintment: 2022 Annual General Meeting

Committee activities:

Member of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Audit Committee, Financial Expert

Membership of other legally required supervisory boards and memberships in comparable domestic and foreign supervisory bodies for business enterprises:​

  • Ceconomy AG, Düsseldorf
  • Deutsche Bank Europe GmbH, Frankfurt (Chair)
  • Deutsche Bank Luxembourg S.A., Luxembourg (Luxembourg)


  • Global Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt

Key positions held:

  • 1991-1997: Studied business and economics in Münster, Zaragoza (Spain) and Berlin
  • 2002: Steuerberaterexamen (German tax advisor exam)
  • 2005: Wirtschaftsprüferexamen (German auditor exam)
  • 1997–2010. Deloitte & Touche GmbH, Berlin, London (UK), Paris (France)
  • 2010–2011: Deloitte & Touche GmbH, Berlin, Partner Financial Services
  • 2011 to present day: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt of which 2011-2014: Head of Group External Reporting
  • 2015: Chief Financial Officer, Global Transaction Banking
  • 2016: Global Head of Group Structuring
  • since 2017: Global Head of Government & Regulatory Affairs

Relationship to majority/major shareholders:

Deutsche EuroShop securities portfolio as at 31 December 2018:

Status: December 31, 2018